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Home builders' confidence in housing market up for third month in a row
WBA Banker News Clips for August 20, 2014
Home builders gained more confidence in the housing market in August, the third consecutive month of gains in an index measuring current sales and expectations for the future...

WBA Receives Continuous Levy Orders Notice from DOR
WBA Executive Letter August 19, 2014
WBA received a notice today from the Wisconsin Department of Revenue (DOR) that they will issue continuous levy orders to...

City makes progress on tax-foreclosed homes; more work needed
WBA Banker News Clips for August 19, 2014
More than seven months after Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett launched his $11.7 million Strong Neighborhoods Plan to address the city's foreclosure crisis, city-owned, tax-foreclosed homes are being sold and dilapidated ones are being torn down. But...

Residential property values in Wisconsin rise after 5-year slide
WBA Banker News Clips for August 18, 2014
Residential property values in Wisconsin rose 2.5% in 2013, reversing a five-year slide started by the mortgage crisis and 2008 collapse of the nation's housing market. That double punch pushed the U.S. into its deepest economic recession since...

Anchor (Bank) ascending
WBA Banker News Clips for August 15, 2014
Chief executive officer Chris Bauer said AnchorBank is on track post-recapitalization, eyeing a public offering once officials give the green light.

Keys to Building an Emergency Fund
WBA Consumer Column for August 14, 2014
Maintaining an emergency fund is a key component to reaching financial stability. Most consumers understand how important having this "rainy day fund" is, but it can be difficult to figure out how to start one. Another common question is how...

July home sales drop by 8 percent, while median price rises by same margin
WBA Banker News Clips for August 14, 2014
Amid continuing lean inventory, Dane County existing home and condo sales fell 8 percent year-over-year in July, even as median sale price rose by nearly the same margin. There were 856 sales of single-family homes and condos in Dane County in...

Ten things you should know about Wisconsin's new trust code
WBA Banker News Clips for August 13, 2014
On December 13, 2013, Governor Scott Walker signed the New Wisconsin Trust Code (WTC) into law. With an effective date of July 1, 2014, the WTC fundamentally changes the law that governs Wisconsin trusts, both trusts that existed before and are...

Low turnout expected for Tuesday's high-stakes primaries
WBA Banker News Clips for August 12, 2014
The stakes are high but the number of voters statewide is expected to be low today for the fall partisan primary. State election officials estimate the turnout will be around 15%.

WBA Hosts National Communicators Conference
WBA Executive Letter August 12, 2014
The Wisconsin Bankers Association hosted the fifth annual State Bank Association Communicators Conference last week in Madison with over twenty staff representing 19 state banking associations including the...

New fee aims to charge developers for subdivisions that extend urban boundaries
WBA Banker News Clips for August 11, 2014
Dane County developers soon will face a new fee when they seek to build subdivisions that extend sewer service into rural areas of local communities. Approved in May by the Capital Area Regional Planning Commission, the fee - which would run...

Wisconsin Banker
August 2014
The August issue of Wisconsin Banker is now online. Featured articles include: Keeping Up with the Jetsons - Weighing the risks and opportunities created by trends in technology; Exploring Bank Competition - The Credit Union Policy Conundrum; HR...

State sees slow growth in consumer spending
WBA Banker News Clips for August 8, 2014
Wisconsin's sluggish recovery from the Great Recession was reflected in new figures released August 7 that show growth in consumer spending has lagged behind neighboring states and the nation as a whole. Consumer spending also is growing slower...

Why Each Candidate Will Win - Your Pre-Primary Pundit!
August 7, 2014
Why Each Candidate Will Win; Vote Aug. 12; The Headline That Should Be Written, But Can't (An Editorial) Welcome to a special Pre-Primary Publication of The Pundit!

Statement on the theft of 1.2 billion passwords and its effect on bank customers
WBA Banker News Clips for August 7, 2014
WBA president and CEO Rose Oswald Poels issued the following statement yesterday to members of the press: Consumers who may have used the same username and password for their online financial accounts as they used for other online websites...

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