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Self-Paced eLearning Courses

Self-paced Internet-delivered courses (ABA eLearning) can typically be completed in two to four hours, although actual time required varies by title.  Students can begin at any time, on any day, since all readings, coursework and quizzes are completed online.

Click here and then click the “Members Only Catalog and Pricing” link to access a list of all available courses.


Instructor Led Online AIB Courses

Learn at your own pace via these highly interactive and engaging online courses. These classes are available anytime and provide credit towards AIB Certificates and Diplomas. To see a list of AIB Certificates and Diplomas, click here.

AIB Principles of Banking Correspondence Course General Correspondence Course
AIB Economics for Bankers (Catalog #3010866) 09/22/2014 Branch Manager, Frontline, General, Personal Banker Online
AIB Principles of Banking (Catalog #3010867) 09/22/2014 General Online
AIB Supervisor Certificate (Catalog #3010868) 09/22/2014 Branch Manager, Supervisor Online
AIB Intro to Trust Products & Services (Catalog #3010869) 09/29/2014 General, Wealth Management/Trust Online
AIB Marketing Financial Services (Catalog #3010875) 10/06/2014 Marketing/Sales Online
AIB Law and Banking: Principles w/o Textbook (Catalog #3010873) 10/06/2014 Human Resources/Employment Law Online
AIB Law and Banking: Principles with Textbook (Catalog #3010874) 10/06/2014 Human Resources/Employment Law Online
AIB Principles of Banking (Catalog #3010876) 10/06/2014 General Online
AIB Analyzing Financial Statements - eBook Only (Catalog #3010870) 10/06/2014 Lending, Personal Banker Online
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