2 Years Has Gone by Fast!

In October 2018, the Wisconsin Bankers Association announced it would become the first business group in Wisconsin to launch a statewide Association Health Plan (AHP). The plan, launched on Jan. 1, 2019, was created in response to a rule change from the U.S. Department of Labor aimed at providing the same flexibility to small businesses that large organizations enjoy when it comes to negotiating pricing and coverage options for health care.

In two short years, WBA’s plan—offered exclusively to WBA member banks through WBA Employee Benefits Corporation (EBC), a subsidiary of the WBA, and administered by UnitedHealthcare—has saved WBA member banks over $1.2 million! We’ve added 1,200 members and are UHC's fastest-growing AHP in the country. This success comes from combining the collective resources of WBA’s 200+ member banks to create a strength-in-numbers approach to pricing and coverage.

Online Platform Launched Oct. 1!
WBA EBC is thrilled with the successful launch of a new online system for streamlined insurance and human resources tasks. The online portal, accessible through a partnership with the Iowa Bankers Insurance Services, provides member banks with enhanced service, better transparency on costs and expenses, member driven control of enrollment/changes, and the ability to better control administrative costs in the future. 

Haven’t seen it yet? Contact EBC’s Racheale Ward at rward@wisbank.com, 608-441-1260 for more information. 

Joining the WBA AHP has several benefits, including:

Local association team: We provide a consultative approach to help you create a desirable benefit portfolio for your association groups. Our strong customer support teams helps ease the process of addressing health care needs.

Opportunity for cost savings: As a small group of 1–50 employees, you can access plans that give you strength in numbers. For rating purposes you’re seen as a large employer, and not subject to Adjusted Community Rating. For Groups with 51 or more eligible employees, UnitedHealthcare is offering a Premium Discount and a Renewal Rate Cap of 9% for the first renewal.

More plan options: UnitedHealthcare offers plan flexibility with dozens of plan designs to choose from – allowing flexibility in options to balance costs. Consumer-driven plan flexibility includes high deductible options, health reimbursement accounts (HRAs) and health savings accounts (HSAs). The AHP features a customized 45-plan package for the WBA Association Health Plan Employers.

Easy to switch: Our array of plans, doctors, and services are likely similar to what members have today making for a smoother transition.

Strong national network: The nation’s single largest proprietary network that reaches 98% of the United States’ population – more than 907,000 physicians and health care professionals at over 5,500 hospitals.

Convenient resources for members: Mobile, online, or person-to-person resources that help members make well informed choices about their health care costs and needs.

For more information or if you have any questions about WBA EBC’s insurance options, please contact WBA EBC Director – Sales Brian Siegenthaler at bsiegenthaler@wisbank.com or 608-441-1211.

Lund is WBA executive vice president – chief of staff and president of EBC and MBIS.

By, Ally Bates