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$2,000 Donation Made by Prevail Bank for the Benefit of Entrepreneurs

Pictured left to right are: Becca Cooke, executive director of Red Letter Grant; Nick White, commercial lending officer Prevail Bank; Jenny Ebert, mortgage loan originator (NMLS# 523594) Prevail Bank; Ryan Ludy, mortgage loan originator (NMLS# 1836499) Prevail Bank; and Brenda Knutson, branch manager Prevail Bank – Eau Claire.

Prevail Bank provided a $2,000 donation to the Red Letter Grant organization to help support female entrepreneurs who couldn’t otherwise secure new business start-up capital.

“We are so appreciative of Prevail Bank’s donation,” said Rebecca Cooke, Red Letter Grant Founder. “We know a lot of women who make things happen within a household, within an organization, and within our community, but we don’t always see those women at the helm. These funds will help change that.”

“We commend the organization for its support and assistance with local entrepreneurs and in stimulating our communities financially,” said Brenda Knutson, Prevail Bank branch manager – Eau Claire. “We’re proud to gift these funds to Red Letter Grant for the benefit of not just one person, but essentially an entire community.”

Red Letter Grant is a certified 501c3 tax exempt charitable organization. It encourages women to take risks, to build a more innovative region/state, and to lead. It curates small business workshops, cultivates mentors, peer networks, and provides start-up capital (typically four $2,000 grants every year) to support and empower female entrepreneurs.

Prevail Bank’s goal is to pursue what’s possible within the communities it serves. It is passionate about economic development, financial stability and growth for individuals, families, and businesses. Prevail Bank is a community bank that is continuously looking for ways to give back, support those pursuing dreams, and make things better in central Wisconsin.

Prevail Bank’s Charitable Contributions program is available for local non-profit organizations that help local people in need, especially those with low-to-moderate incomes; stimulate communities financially; and/or enhances the standard of living of those less fortunate. If your organization is interested in applying for funds for a major initiative in your community, go to: Prevail.bank/resources/community.