2nd Annual Wisconsin Bankers Foundation Auction is Open

This year’s Bank Executives Conference will feature the Wisconsin Bankers Foundation’s first virtual silent auction. The auction will raise funds for the Foundation, a non-profit corporation organized to empower financial literacy through education and research.

To get everyone in the spirit of this year’s event, the auction will kick off on Jan. 29, two days before the Bank Executives Conference begins, and end on Feb. 3. So, what can you start doing today?

Register for the event.

Registration for the virtual silent auction is now open at https://bankexecs.givesmart.com. Simply provide a few details and you’ll be ahead of the game for when the bidding begins!

Donate an item.

Item donations are now open and can be given until Wednesday, Jan. 27. Donations are 100% deductible and help support a great cause. Just provide the item name, description, fair market value, and a few images to showcase your amazing prize!

Suggested items for this year include gift cards, gift baskets, virtual subscriptions, and COVID-safe experiences. Proceeds will provide scholarships, classroom materials, and help promote financial literacy and research. If you don’t have an item to donate but would still like to support the cause, monetary donations are also welcomed and extremely appreciated.

Donating is easy and you can upload an image!

1. Visit: https://bankexecs.givesmart.com

2. Fill out the online form

  • Item Name
  • Description
  • Fair Market Value
  • Upload an image

3. Complete the “Donated By” section and please note that “Display on Item” will indicate the official name to the public of who has donated.

4. Questions? Contact Us.

Browse items. 

View the items that have already been donated and see what you could win! Each item has a detailed description of what is being auctioned and a “Donated By” section to thank each donor for their generosity. Make sure to register early so you don’t miss out on early bidding starting Jan. 29, three days prior to the start of the Bank Executives Conference.

Learn more.

The Wisconsin Bankers Foundation is proud to use services provided by GiveSmart, a virtual fundraising platform that specializes in making your auction experience seamless and enjoyable. Our homepage for the event features an FAQ that will help answer any further questions on using the site like how to bid, how to donate, and more. You can also learn more about the Foundation and its mission to promote financial literacy and financial responsibility through its many programs.

By, Alex Paniagua