WBA Credit Union Update: Iowa, Taxation, and What You Can Do About It

As you've probably heard, Iowa State senators are expected to vote on a sweeping tax bill soon that would impose a franchise tax on credit unions. That's just one of the many things happening in the CU/tax reform arena. This page is designed to keep you updated with the latest information and provide you with shareable resources.

What can bankers do to move the needle towards fair taxation? Be a bullhorn! The best way to help the cause is to spread the word (feel free to use any or all of the resources below)! Tell your employees, customers, friends, and family how important a fair tax structure is to your bank's work in the community. 

Your 4 Takeaways

Here are the 4 takeaways you need when you think about credit unions and tax reform.

  1. Iowa's situation is unique but WBA can capitalize on it.
  2. Wisconsin's legislative session is essentially done. WBA is setting the stage for the next session.
  3. What can you do now? Go to Washington D.C. with WBA.
  4. The WBA-supported Council for Sound Tax Policy has introduced two federal bills on the issue of tax reform which mirror WBA's efforts in Wisconsin.


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