Stand up, step up, and speak up on behalf of Wisconsin banking!

Wisconsin bankers will stand up, step up, and speak up on the federal level during the WBA Washington Summits. That’s summits “plural” as WBA is working in conjunction with both the ABA and ICBA to coordinate our federal advocacy efforts. As a WBA member, you can choose one or both federal events to attend.

WBA representatives are attending both events. We will be scheduling the Wisconsin-specific visits during the trips.

Use the links listed below to register for the event(s) of your choice. WBA will follow up with you after registration to help coordinate the trip as well as to provide the details of the Wisconsin Hill Visits and the WBA Dinner.

Add your voice in support of the banking industry!

WBA/ICBA Capital Summit
April 8-11 | Washington D.C.

WBA/ABA Government Relations Summit
April 23 -25 | Washington D.C.