Gov. Scott Walker is seeking proposals to build anaerobic manure digesters in environmentally sensitive parts of the state to address water quality concerns.

Walker's office said DNR, PSC, DATCP proposals (drafts due on December 1) will seek "a tangible private sector response linking the application of digester technology to environmentally-sensitive areas of Wisconsin, specifically areas with high concentrations of dairy cattle."

"Water quality is a top priority for us," Walker said in a statement. "This joint effort is important progress, and we will continue working toward a sustainable solution to ensure our natural resources remain viable for generations to come."

Bill Davis, director of the state chapter of the Sierra Club, said Walker’s proposal doesn’t help those in Kewaunee County whose wells are already contaminated. "Walker should require the DNR to enforce the Clean Water Act now," Davis insisted.

Tom Evenson, a spokesman for Walker, replied that the digester "is yet another tool the state has at its disposal that can provide water quality benefits while also promoting renewable energy in a common-sense way."

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