The Wisconsin Bankers Association is pleased to offer scholarship opportunities to its member bankers through the Herbert V. Prochnow Educational Foundation, a supporting organization to the Graduate School of Banking at the University of Wisconsin - Madison. 

Since 1945, the Graduate School of Banking at the University of Wisconsin-Madison (GSB) has helped develop banking leaders through a program of advanced management education. Today, GSB is widely recognized as the nation's leading and most progressive banking school. It counts nearly 20,000 bankers, bank regulatory officials and industry consultants as alumni. These alumni occupy positions of leadership in banks of all sizes, the industry and their communities. 

The GSB Graduate School Program provides a comprehensive course of study of general banking and management subjects designed to meet the needs of bankers whose responsibilities and scope of activities are expanding. The school's purpose is to meet the growing need for bank managers and others working in the financial services industry to acquire a broad knowledge and understanding of the major bank functions and their interrelationships, and to develop the skills required to lead and manage effectively in today's challenging banking environment… and succeed in tomorrow's unknown territory. 

The school's curriculum reflects the contemporary trends affecting the financial services industry. Core courses address broad areas of finance, marketing, management and the environment in which banks operate. A wide range of electives allows participants to tailor their educational experience to meet their unique professional needs and individual interests. The results-oriented program lasts two years, comprising of three two-week resident sessions in Madison linked by intersession assignments that help integrate the program and bring the educational experience back to each participant's institution. 

The GSB Prochnow Foundation offers nearly one-quarter million dollars in scholarships every year to bankers who want to improve their careers and organizations through education. Scholarships are distributed through the WBA for the Graduate School of Banking and the GSB Human Resource Management School. This scholarship awards $1,300 for each year of the student's attendance at the program (approximately one-third of the annual tuition fees) for a total value of $3,900.

Applications and nominations are now being accepted for the July 30 - August 11, 2017 session. The deadline to apply for a scholarship is April 7, so visit download the application form today! 

For more information about GSB admission requirements or details about the scholarship, contact WBA's Nick Loppnow at 608-441-1208 or via email.