Knowing the complete picture behind compensation and benefits can be a powerful tool for maintaining and growing your business. You can see the full picture by participating in WBA’s 2017 Wisconsin Banking Industry Compensation & Benefits Survey.

This is the largest Wisconsin-specific survey for banks containing salary and benefit information for 107 different jobs! Please keep in mind that any bank that completes the survey will receive the results at a discounted rate. Also, a higher number of participating banks will result in a more meaningful and robust pool of compensation data to draw from.

Participation in the survey will run February 7 through March 24.

WBA is able to provide this service by partnering with the Management Resources Association (MRA) to provide bankers with unique insights on the state’s banking industry pay trends.

For more information on the survey or to participate, visit Questions can be directed to WBA’s Patty Rogers at 608/441-1209 or via email.