Full committee structure for the Financial Institutions Committees in both houses has now been determined. Notice there are now two committees in the Senate that will deal with our issues. How they differ, exactly, remains to be seen. WBA looks forward to working with the members of the 2017-2018 committees on our issues.

Assembly Financial Institutions

Representative Katsma (Chair)

Representative Jarchow (Vice-Chair)

Representative Allen

Representative Sanfelippo

Representative Stafsholt

Representative Petryk

Representative Weatherston

Representative Murphy

Representative Petersen

Representative Kitchens

Representative Doyle

Representative Young

Representative Zepnick

Representative Kessler

Representative Meyers

Representative Fields


Senate Revenue, Financial Institutions, and Rural Issues

Senator Marklein (Chair)

Senator LeMahieu (Vice-Chair)

Senator Tiffany

Senator Ringhand

Senator Vinehout

Senate Financial Services, Constitution, and Federalism

Senator Craig (Chair)

Senator Stroebel (Vice-Chair)

Senator Feyen


Senator Vinehout

Senator Risser