As we approach the one year anniversary of the release of the CECL guidance by the Financial Accounting Standards Board industry focus is shifting from understanding the changes in the guidance to gauging the impact of the changes on current allowance processes and formulating implementation plans.  

Join us on May 18 for the latest complimentary WBA Executive Briefing. During this latest session, we will focus on:

  • A brief summary of key components of the standard and changes between existing guidance and CECL guidance including impact on purchase accounting for loans
  • An overview of considerations to effectively implement CECL, including discussion of required data points, and process to develop an implementation road map
  • A case study of CECL impact on an acquisition

The speaker for this program will be John Behringer, RSM US LLP, and the event is hosted by WBA’s Rose Oswald Poels.

This is simply the latest edition of the WBA Executive Briefing series which is designed to provide an overview of key banking industry trends and issues for leaders in Wisconsin’s banks. Bank executives and directors as well as those who focus on CECL issues within the bank are encouraged to attend this complimentary webinar.

Click here to attend.