Sole Ownership Means Even Better Service and Product Enhancements

Since 2011, FIPCO has had a partial ownership position in our Compliance Concierge™ software solutions, the FIPCO development team collaborating with our partner's technical teams for ongoing development efforts. As of May 1, 2017, FIPCO has obtained 100 percent ownership of the software and complete control over all development for the Compliance Concierge suite. 

With this exciting change, FIPCO has begun the process of analyzing what is yet to be worked on to deliver various features, enhancements, and interfaces. Now that FIPCO has complete control over the loan origination and deposit account software suite, product enhancements will be simpler and faster. For example, FIPCO can now make all the decisions regarding priority updates based on feedback from its customers—you. Moving forward, development and testing hours will be dedicated based on local decisions only, ensuring that future upgrades contain exactly what Wisconsin banks need. 

Another benefit of sole ownership is FIPCO's freedom to focus development time on additional vendor interface development, something customers have been asking for. These integrations with third-party service providers automatically incorporate data from the provider into Compliance Concierge modules for maximum productivity. Current vendors available for integration include Kroll Factual Data, eFunds, and Mortgage Industry Standards Maintenance Organization (MISMO). In the near future, integrations with eSignature, Compliance Relief and ARCH MI will also become available. Compliance Concierge can also directly connect to Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac for automated underwriting.

In addition, FIPCO has changed their hosted service provider and relocated hosted Compliance Concierge clients to a provider in Wisconsin. The former provider is located on the East coast, and the new, closer vendor location will improve performance and reduce slowdowns associated with internet traffic.

Finally, FIPCO's new level of ownership comes with the familiar top-notch support service you've come to expect, as well as a continued high level of compliance assistance. With decades of banking industry experience guiding its staff, FIPCO offers customers a level of industry understanding unmatched by most non-bank companies. Led by a Board of Directors comprised entirely of bankers, FIPCO has an insider's perspective of the industry. That connection to and familiarity with the banking industry helps FIPCO deliver unparalleled levels of customer service. The customer service and support that has given FIPCO its user-friendly reputation reflects the expertise and dedication FIPCO staff have for the financial services industry. Their direct connection to bankers and mortgage lenders provide invaluable insight during today's rapidly changing banking environment. 

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