The WBA Retail Banking Committee talks to many retail bankers throughout Wisconsin and one of the most frequently discussed topics is a transition to the Universal Banker model. This decision requires a different type of approach compared to looking for a product solution from a vendor or developing a sales strategy around a checking account. Universal Bankers are a true area of localized innovation we can each develop to meet the needs of our customers through a strategy that fits our unique brands of banking. We've found many banks are somewhere in the process of exploring or implementing a shift to this position.

With this change, or potential change, more questions than answers have arisen. Our whitepaper is an accumulation of many conversations across Wisconsin. We've identified key questions to help with this process. It's not a roadmap, but a guide to help you engage stakeholders across your bank as you find the best way to apply this role in your organization. We think, through our collective conversations with many of you, we've outlined many of the questions you should be asking as you explore adding or improving the Universal Banker role.

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Udell is senior vice president of consumer banking at Monona Bank and a member of the 2017-2018 WBA Retail Banking Section Board.