The House of Representatives passed their version of an Obamacare replacement  bill over a month ago. Immediately after passage, the U.S. Senate declared the bill DOA and said they would offer up their own version. After weeks of closed door negotiations, the bill was released today. The bill, which is being called the “Better Care Reconciliation Act of 2017,” makes a few changes from the House plan, which was unpopular in both conservative and liberal circles. 

However, one of the key differences is that the Senate bill does seem to include a provision for defunding Planned Parenthood. According to other reports from major media outlets, the bill will cut Medicaid and eliminate taxes on the wealthy. Combined with the Planned Parenthood provision, it appears that Senate leadership is trying to get conservatives on board and will not be attempting to work with Democrats on the bill.

CNBC has a good rundown of the bill details.