Delta Dental of Wisconsin is well-known for having excellent dental insurance products, and WBA is proud to offer those insurance solutions to its member banks through its subsidiary, WBA Employee Benefits Corporation (EBC). 

In addition to knowing their insurance purchase will help support Wisconsin's banking industry, member banks also receive several enhanced benefits from the dental plan. For example, the annual out-of-pocket maximum of $2,000 is better than 89 percent of other plans, and the orthodontic maximum (also $2,000) ranks better than 90 percent of other plans. The Delta Dental plan also offers enhanced sealants coverage and composite fillings on posterior teeth (many plans only cover anterior teeth). 

In addition, member banks can take advantage of Delta Dental's Evidence-Based Integrated Care Plan (EBICP). This plan provides extra benefits for individuals with certain medical conditions that have oral health implications. Research has shown that increased frequency of cleanings and/or topics fluoride applications greatly impact oral health, and sometimes even play an important role in managing conditions such as high-risk cardiac conditions, suppressed immune systems, kidney failure or dialysis, cancer therapy, periodontal disease, diabetes, and pregnancy. 

WBA member banks also receive preferred pricing on Delta Dental's plan. This added benefit includes exclusive products offered exclusively to WBA member banks, pooled rating with over 7,000 members (an equivalent impact of 50 percent off the standard pricing!), and pooled renewals that have averaged 1.2% over the last seven years. 

No matter how great the benefits of the plan are, the best part is knowing that your insurance provider is part of the banking industry, working for you and with you to protect your greatest assets: your employees. 

For more information about how EBC can help your employees, please contact Brian Siegenthaler at 608-441-1211 or via email.