On June 5, WBA joined 39 other state bankers associations, ABA and ICBA by signing on to an amicus brief filed by the Minnesota Bankers Association in support of KleinBank’s motion to dismiss allegations of redlining leveled by the U.S. Department of Justice. Redlining is a specific type of discrimination that is defined in interagency guidance upon which financial institutions heavily rely. The brief argued that DOJ strayed from that longstanding definition and evidentiary standards set for in the guidance, when it alleged KleinBank engaged in redlining. The brief further argued that if “the Court were to find in favor of the DOJ in this case, the current definition of redlining and the evidentiary standards needed to prove this type of discrimination would both be eliminated.” It further argued that the changed evidentiary standard would “subject banks all across the country to a new legal, regulatory and reputational risk.” Click here to read DOJ's Complaint. Click here to read the amicus brief.