The right insurance partner can make all the difference.

As you review your options for 2018 employee benefits, keep in mind that your decision should result in a partner who will offer the attention, flexibility and support your employees deserve. WBA EBC would like to be that partner and has taken steps this past year to prove it. 

In October 2016, WBA finalized a correspondent relationship with Associated Benefits & Risk Consulting to offer Wisconsin banks throughout the state a broader variety of insurance options to fit their unique business needs. Through this new relationship, WBA Insurance Services is able to offer Wisconsin banks expanded options and meet a wider variety of bank insurance needs, including employee benefit plans, human resources support and IT solutions, insurance compliance, workplace wellness programs, actuarial services, communications assistance and employee advocacy.

A subsidiary of Associated Bank based in Minnetonka, Minn., ABRC is a premier employee benefits, business insurance and HR consulting agency. They believe in removing obstacles, simplifying the complicated and applying their expertise to solve problems for their clients so they can focus on their business and achieve their aspirations. ABRC's collaborative approach for strategic, customized employee benefits, business insurance and HR solutions (and the competitive advantage that brings their clients) is part of what makes their partnership with WBA so exciting. 

So, when it's time for you to review your employee benefit packages, keep WBA Insurance Services in mind as your industry-specific source for a variety of options.

For more information about WBA Insurance Service's offerings, contact Brian Siegenthaler at 608-441-1211 or via email.