Constant heavy rain has caused significant flooding in much of southern Wisconsin and northern Illinois over the past several weeks. As if the most vulnerable governor in America—Bruce Rauner (R-IL)—wasn't already having a tough month after Republicans in the Illinois General Assembly joined the Democrat majority in overriding his veto of significant tax increases, a slow reaction to the flooding has caused even more of a headache.

Rauner is getting trounced in the local media for failing to visit, fly over, make a statement—or even send a tweet—after an unprecedented amount of rainfall in northern Illinois caused flash flooding, leaving subdivisions under water, shutting down a major amusement park, flooding a community college and even prompting the evacuation of a local hospital.

Meanwhile, Governor Scott Walker (R-WI) was quick to deploy state resources, including the National Guard, and visit areas underwater. 

National Democrats have had their eyes on taking out Rauner since the day after he was elected four years ago. While Illinois has had a history of electing GOP governors, the natural Democrat-tilt of the state makes it extremely difficult for Republicans to hold the office long-term.

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