Compliance Concierge n. A modular loan origination and deposit account opening suite, capable of integrating distinct lines of products. 
Carefully developed to help financial institutions remain compliant, Compliance Concierge™ intuitively guides you through each step of deposit account opening and the loan process, from application to processing, underwriting to closing. It centrally manages workflow and facilitates documentation across multiple locations, loan teams, lender functions and levels of authority. It is the only platform to include trusted WBA Forms to further improve compliance. It can be installed on your standalone server dedicated to Compliance Concierge. Specifically designed for today’s busy lenders, processors and personal bankers, Compliance Concierge can improve efficiency, accuracy and compliance through a host of unique features, including: 

  • TRID Loan Estimate, Closing Disclosure and supporting documents 
  • WBA Forms built right in 
  • Risk-based pricing and automated decisioning 
  • Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae underwriting and ULDD delivery interfacing 
  • Credit reporting interfacing 
  • Exception tracking 
  • E-Document delivery 
  • Underwrite and track policy exceptions 
  • Fee and prepaid finance charge setup and control 
  • Commercial analytics 
  • Open multiple loans and accounts 
  • Full range of deposit products 

 That's only the beginning. Because it's a Financial Institution Products Corporation® product, you know that compliance and integrity of documentation are the systems' top priority. Most importantly, Compliance Concierge is backed by FIPCO’s premier customer service. On a recent customer satisfaction survey, FIPCO customers reported 94 percent of their questions were answered the same day, with 42 percent on the initial call. Overall, FIPCO received a 99 percent support satisfaction rating.

Perhaps best of all, FIPCO owns all of the Compliance Concierge software, empowering us to facilitate timely enhancements based on user needs and feedback. 
For a personal product demonstration, call 800/722-3498 or contact FIPCO Sales at