That’s the claim by Forbes Contributor Stacey Leasca after her recent interview with WBA’s Mike Semmann. Leasca recently heard about the WBA-supported financial literacy bill passing Wisconsin’s Assembly by a unanimous vote. Shortly after, she reached out to Semmann to learn more.
The interview gave Semmann the opportunity to explain why the WBA’s advocacy efforts were so important on this critical issue. The goal is to assist students in many different phases of their education to have a “sustained understanding and sustained effort” in financial literacy.
Also noted was, a one-stop personal financial literacy stop developed by the Wisconsin Bankers Foundation. Still in beta, the site contains hundreds of resources for educators and the public to use. Anyone can use the site to search for resources on everything from basic budgeting to student loan repayment.
This financial literacy bill remains a high priority for the WBA during this legislative session. Wisconsin’s Senate will likely take up the bill this fall.
The Forbes article can be found by clicking here.