Another summer is well underway and going fast. A part of the typical summer landscape in Wisconsin is Farm Technology Days. This year Farm Technology Days ran from July 11 through July 13. It was held in Kewaunee County for the first time and was hosted by Randy, Renee, Jordan, and Whitney Ebert of Ebert Enterprises. The Ebert family milks 3,800 cows and crops 7,000 acres. I had the pleasure of attending and participating in the show all three days as it was located only eight miles from my home. 

Putting together a show like this is a huge undertaking. Planning for the show started three years in advance. Along with the executive committee to guide and plan the event, over 1,900 other volunteers were involved, which is about 7% of the whole population of Kewaunee County. A view of the tent city and the grounds from the air makes you really appreciate the magnitude and scope of the show and the large footprint that it covers. 

Farm Tech Days is a great way to showcase agriculture and educate the public. It is an opportunity to display the technology, science, wholesomeness, safety, and quality of modern agriculture and how food is produced, as well as how animals and the environment are cared for. I did notice that there were many non-farm visitors attending the show and taking advantage of the farm tours and field demonstrations, seeing firsthand how their food is really produced and how well the environment and animals on the farm are cared for in that process. There were many educational booths and display areas--hosted by the UW-Extension: Agriculture, the Land and Water Department, and USDA to name a few--that were well-attended. The family living tent and youth tent also provided entertainment and educational activities for attendees of all ages. 

In addition, there were over 500 exhibitors that displayed. These exhibitors represent the wide scope and scale of the infrastructure that supports production agriculture. One look around the grounds and it is really easy to see how much Wisconsin's economy depends upon agriculture. 

The show provides a great place to catch up with clients and prospects, exhibitors and the many people involved in agriculture. Next year's show is scheduled to be held in Marshfield from July 10-12. In will be hosted by the Heinman family and the Sternweis family. Please put it on your calendar now and take the time to make it a part of your next summer's activities. You will not be disappointed. 

Adams is senior vice president – Agribusiness Banking at BMO Harris Bank, Green Bay and a member of the 2017-2018 WBA Agricultural Bankers Section Board.