As the fallout from the Equifax breach continues to grow, bankers are a great resource. That was the message consumers heard loud and clear during the recent WISC-TV/Channel3000 Facebook live session. WBA’s first Facebook streaming effort reached over 147,000 people with 10,692 views as of September 25. The live panel was moderated by WISC-TV’s Adam Schrager with Tom Spitz, Settlers Bank, Windsor and Mike Semmann, WBA, representing the banking industry. Additionally, Frank Frassetto and Michelle Reinen, Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP), fielded questions from consumers during the two-hour event.

WBA members were encouraged to invite their customers to the free event and participate through their own official Facebook accounts. Special thanks to Home Savings Bank, Madison, and The American National Bank, Beaver Dam, for answering—in real-time—many of the questions posed during the event. The helped increase the awareness that bankers are ready, able, and willing to assist with any questions consumers may have.

And, as the event proved, consumers have a lot of questions. During the livestream, 364 comments appeared in the comments area. Here is a list of the most repeated questions that were brought up during the two-hour event:

  • “What is the difference between a credit freeze and a fraud alert?”
  • “Should I freeze my credit?”
  • “How do I find out if my information was compromised?”
  • “Can I just freeze my credit report at one bureau or do I need to do more than that?”
  • “How long will I need to be worried about this?”

The video has been saved and is available for playback on the WISC-TV/Channel3000 Facebook page.