Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke—a loyal supporter of President Donald Trump—resigned from his post last Thursday, according to County Clerk George Christenson.

Known for his often jaw-dropping rhetoric and incendiary conservative commentary, Clarke had served as one of the country's more well-known sheriffs since 2002, but he raised his national profile as a regular surrogate for the Trump campaign.

Last weekend the President— in the midst of Hurricane Harvey— endorsed Clarke's recent book, tweeting, "A great book by a great guy, highly recommended!"

No plans are known for Clarke, though he recently tweeted "stay tuned" for an announcement in the near future.

Clarke was appointed by then-Governor Scott McCallum as Milwaukee County Sheriff. Prior to that, he was a Lieutenant in the Milwaukee Police Department. Earlier this year it was rumored an appointment was imminent to the Department of Homeland Security, but that never came to fruition as Clarke was accused of plagiarizing his master's thesis while at the Naval Postgraduate School.