DocuSign's electronic signature platform pairs with Compliance Concierge


In the financial services industry, agility is a key quality banks must possess in order to respond effectively to market volatility and uncertainty. Using outdated paper processes in today's digital world is a quick way to fall behind the competition, which is why FIPCO is pleased to announce a new partner who will help improve many banks' internal workflows reduce pain-points for their customers: DocuSign. 

FIPCO signed a partnership agreement with DocuSign in early August that leverages both companies' strengths for the benefit of Wisconsin's financial institutions. DocuSign provides the world's largest and fastest growing electronic signature platform empowering financial institutions to complete transactions quickly and securely while improving compliance and dramatically reducing processing costs. 

The new partnership means FIPCO is now developing an integrated DocuSign solution for its software suite, Compliance Concierge. The integration will allow Compliance Concierge users to securely send documents to their customers for signatures at the application stage and/or closing stage of their loan workflow. This means FIPCO customers will be able to complete approvals and agreements in hours—not days—from anywhere and on any device. In addition, DocuSign facilitates quick and secure access to documents, allowing banks to easily upload and send documents for others to sign, as well as send reminders and check signing status at any time. 

DocuSign's powerful tracking tools are another important benefit FIPCO customers will enjoy. With DocuSign, bankers can meet compliance requirements by utilizing a controlled signing process, full audit trail, easy signer verification, and secure information. In fact, many banks already use DocuSign today for other in-bank operations that require e-signatures. 

Want to learn more? On October 4, DocuSign is hosting a cocktail reception for financial services companies to introduce this new partnership and preview the Compliance Concierge integration. Held in downtown Madison, the reception will serve as the celebratory kickoff for this new partnership. You can learn more about the event here.

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