As bank employee costs continue to increase, you should know WBA EBC's group insurance program rates for life, disability, dental and vision will remain unchanged for 2018. Because good news is always nice to hear twice, we'll say it again. Customers of WBA EBC's group insurance programs will NOT see any rate increase in 2018.

Approximately 140 WBA member banks with 10,000 participants benefit with pooled rating on Lincoln Financial Group (life, disability) and 90 WBA member banks with 7,000 participants benefit with pooled rating on Delta Dental resulting in 50 percent off standard pricing. 

WBA EBC advocated with Delta Dental against a potential rate increase and succeeded! They have agreed to a zero percent increase in 2018 premiums which resulted in almost $90,000 in savings to our WBA members!

WBA EBC actively works to offer the best group insurance program options for the WBA membership. For more information on WBA EBC employee benefits contact Brian Siegenthaler, or 608.441.1211.