It looks like our fellow bankers to the south are moving away from golf and into more high adrenaline sports as a way to spend their off time. 

“They come in with their suits after work,” says Christian Acevedo, owner of El Ruco, a surf shop geared towards the elite. “Many of them are bankers, stockbrokers, people related to the financial industry. We opened based on that segment’s needs.”

This new generation of Chilean bankers doesn’t care for such sedate, leisurely pastimes as golf. They want something more high-adrenaline: mountain biking, motocross, and, increasingly, surfing.

It’s symptomatic of a cultural shift: Bankers aren’t as interested in working 15 hours a day and then discussing deals on the golf course over the weekend. Now they want to get away from work in their free hours, to disconnect. "You can’t take a mobile phone on a surfboard," they joke.

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