As part of its 125th Anniversary celebration, WBA is digging deep into its archives to share a variety of historic gems. In this particular case, we’ve created a timeline of significant events related to Wisconsin’s banking industry that occurred between 1981 and 1990.

The government begins considering more banking law changes, including a proposal to allow interstate branch banking. Wisconsin Commissioner of Banking Toby E. Sherry lauds the safety and soundness of Wisconsin's state-chartered banks, calling them "the envy of the nation."

WBA commemorates its centennial by commissioning a book, Good as Gold: A History of Banking in Wisconsin, as part of the celebration. The banking industry faces increasing competition from financial services industries which have legislative and tax advantages. WBA focuses on reducing the overwhelming regulatory burden. 

Banks begin paying risk-based premiums to the FDIC, replacing the flat-rate system.

Amazon, Craigslist, eBay,, and Windows 95 all launch. The number of Wisconsin banks offering Internet Banking as a service begins to grow. At this time, about 1 in 10 American adults use the world wide web. 

The volume of business email surpasses that of regular mail. WBA publishes several informational articles as Wisconsin banks begin preparing for Y2K.

The Wisconsin League of Financial Institutions combines with WBA.

On June 28, WBA moves its headquarters to a new building on Madison's east side at 4721 South Biltmore Lane, where it remains to this day. WBA owns the building, giving the association a substantial equity position. 

Despite counter-arguments from WBA, a Dane County Circuit Court judge rules in favor of an original decision by the Credit Union Review Board (CURB) to allow three Fox Valley area credit unions to form a Business Lending Group for the purpose of making commercial loans. WBA—along with Anchor Bank and F&M Bank Wisconsin—appealed the decision, but were denied. 

Historical events compiled from "Good as Gold - A History of Banking in Wisconsin," Copyright © 1992 by Wisconsin Bankers Association.