Given the high degree of uncertainty around the specifics of the Trump administration's reform agenda, what can we expect going forward with regulatory changes and policies regarding housing and finance? The Wisconsin Real Estate and Economic Outlook Conference, held October 11 in Madison, will include insights and analysis from experts from the public and private sectors who are on the front lines of real estate and housing market research, policy, and practice. WBA is one of the sponsors and on the advisory planning committee for this program which is hosted by the Wisconsin School of Business. 
 “Housing Forecast and Housing Policy under the Trump Administration”
Lawrence Yun, Chief Economist and Senior Vice President of Research, National Association of Realtors
Dr. Yun will discuss his forecasts for economy with emphasis on the banking, housing and commercial real estate sectors, including a discussion the impact of new regulations and policies under the Trump Administration.  
 The Future of Financial Regulations: Balancing Risk and Reward (PANEL DISCUSSION)
Timothy Riddiough, Professor and Academic Director, Graaskamp Center for Real Estate, University of Wisconsin-Madison 
Matt Feldman, President & CEO, Federal Home Loan Bank of Chicago
William Lashbrook, Senior Vice President, Real Estate Banking, PNC Bank
The housing finance system has seen many significant changes since the great recession - most intended to provide a more safe and sound banking system. However, some of these regulations have been widely panned for limiting borrowers access to capital, increasing costs, and reducing the industry's ability to return money to shareholders. In addition, Trump administration has stated its goals to promote a more efficient banking system through deregulation.  What changes will likely be made to the current system and how will they impact homebuyers and lenders? Will they stifle or support overall system stability? What are the implications for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and Dodd-Frank? Our presenters will explore these complex questions and discuss how the housing and banking industries can thrive with new demands from a rapidly evolving regulatory environment and unprecedented industry change. 
Regulatory Reform in the Trump Era  (PANEL DISCUSSION)
Andra Ghent, Associate Professor, Real Estate & Urban Land Economics, University of Wisconsin-Madison (invited)
Duane Desiderio, Senior VP and Counsel, Real Estate Roundtable
David Mericle, Political Economist, Goldman Sachs 
 Jenny Schuetz, Principal Economist, Division of Consumer and Community  Affairs, Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System
President Trump and his administration have promised to focus on reforms to the U.S. tax system, financial regulations and health care, as well as easing regulations in energy, the environment, and transportation. However, getting regulation right means balancing benefits and costs. Even in ordinary circumstances, this goal is difficult to realize in practice.  
How can the administration balance the need for a well-regulated lending industry to protect taxpayers, homebuyers, and communities with eliminating burdensome regulations? What are the potential impacts of other regulatory reform efforts on the economy and the housing market in particular? What are the opportunities for the public and other stakeholders to engage relative to these initiatives? Presenters will explore if and how the housing market can thrive in a rapidly evolving regulatory environment.  
Afternoon Keynote
Kerry Vandell, Professor of Finance, Merage School, University of California-Irvine