You can save $100 if you register for the School of Bank Management by December 29.  This program provides attendees with an enhanced understanding of banking as a business, increased analytical skills and management techniques, and a well-rounded understanding of critical banking functions, their interrelationships and the determinants of profitability. The curriculum will also give students a better understanding of how to provide customer service to internal and external bank customers through expanded knowledge and ability, as well as an awareness of the changing banking environment. The 2018 School of Bank Management will be held May 6*-11 in Madison. Classes will begin at 3:00 p.m. on Sunday and conclude at Noon on Friday. 

*Sunday's registration, class sessions and dinner will take place at the Holiday Inn at the American Center, 5109 W. Terrace Drive, Madison. Hotel reservations for students requesting lodging will also be made at the Holiday Inn at the American Center, located about .5 miles from the WBA office.

Click here for additional information on the curriculum or to register.