For years, bank employees have depended on FIPCO’s Wisconsin Financial Institutions Directory for reliable information about the state’s depository institutions. That comprehensive index has been revised into a more streamlined format: the American Financial Directory®. This directory is ad-free, and features the same collection of institution information, without the distraction of advertisements and non-bank information. 

The new annual directory has the most current Wisconsin financial institution information, including every depository institution and branch in the state, listed by city. The handy size (4 ½” x 9”) includes almost 300 pages of directory listings. Bank staff will use the directory for essential tasks such as verifying funds transfer information, finding peer contacts, staying up-to-date on competitors, and looking up office hours. 

Information listed for each institution includes: 
  • Charter, institution type
  • Institution name changes
  • Principal correspondents
  • Key officer contacts
  • Board of Directors
  • Fed telegraph name
  • Funds processing/transfer information
  • Location and number of branches
  • Year established
  • Financial information
  • Association membership
  • Holding company name and city
  • Street, mailing address
  • Head office banking hours
  • And more…

WBA members will receive a special price of $110 per directory on their order of the American Financial Directory®. 

You can pre-order your copies of the 2018 edition of this valuable office resource now by visiting or calling 800/722-3498.