In 2016, the Wisconsin Bankers Association revamped its Associate Membership to create better promotional opportunities for its non-bank Associate Members. The 2018 WBA Associate Member Packages continue to offer enhanced value to all members who choose to upgrade to a Gold, Silver, or Bronze package level. The tangible benefits offered at each level provide these companies with priority access to different event sponsorships, advertising and other membership benefits depending on the level, all at a single purchase price. In addition, each package can be customized with discounted à la carte options and advertising to meet each member’s unique marketing needs.

The package structure allows WBA Associate Members—organizations that work closely with Wisconsin’s banks—to streamline their outreach to the banking industry as a whole and WBA members in particular. For example, the annual payment allows for streamlined budgeting calculations. It also provides Associate Members with a birds’ eye view of the association’s event calendar (including sponsorship and vending opportunities), making it possible to plan special deals and releases to coordinate with events that member banks will attend.

Gold, Silver, and Bronze Associate Members receive increased visibility with the WBA’s bank members, providing invaluable connections and opportunities.

I’d like to thank our current Associate Members who have demonstrated their dedication to Wisconsin’s banking industry with their purchase of a 2017 WBA Associate Member Package: 


Thank you, and thanks to all of our 2017 Associate Members, for your commitment to Wisconsin’s banks.

If you are interested in learning more about the WBA Associate Member Packages, please contact WBA’s Nick Loppnow at 608-441-1208 or Visit to view a full list of package benefits.