Pictured (left to right): David Werner, Park Bank; Rose Oswald Poels, WBA; and Governor Scott Walker.

Last week, Governor Scott Walker (R) met with the WBA Board of Directors during their regular December meeting. For over an hour, board members and Walker had a good discussion on the state of the banking industry, the health of the Wisconsin economy, and where banks can play a role in the economic development vision the Governor has for Wisconsin.

Some of the discussion points included:

  • Wisconsin’s banking industry is strong but is in transition.
  • As this transition continues, we believe banks become more important to Wisconsin and we want to make sure they stay here.
  • As bankers, we’re proud to serve our communities and the role we play to help our customers achieve their dreams.
  • We thanked Governor Walker for his leadership and everything that has been done over the past 6-7 years to help transition Wisconsin to becoming nationally respected and a strong state to do business within.
  • Discussed his recently introduced Wisconsin’s Workforce Agenda, which WBA wanted to hear about. It was also conveyed that the banking industry has its own workforce agenda including:
    • Defining the banking industry to achieve success;
    • Maintaining a healthy competitive environment; and
    • Attracting and retaining talent.

The meeting was a fantastic opportunity for the WBA Board of Directors to spend this much time with Governor Walker and be able to articulate the concerns and views of Wisconsin's banking industry.