The  Access to Business Capital (ABC) Act, introduced on the federal level by Congressman Rod Blum (IA-01) and Congressman Charlie Christ (FL-13), helps promote lending to Main Street businesses and farmers. Also known as H.R. 4424, it assists local job creators who have struggled to secure loans following the financial crisis. WBA members may recognize the intent behind the bill as it directly mirrors the Association’s efforts in Wisconsin on the state level.

The strongest supporter of H.R. 4424 has been the Council for Sound Tax Policy (CSTP). With support from WBA, CSTP was created by a small group of people and organizations who came together for a common cause of enacting fair tax policy on a federal level. Peter Prickett, former WBA Chair, is the current CSTP Chairman. WBA fully supports the CSTP’s efforts on the federal level.

On the state level, legislation similar to H.R. 4424 will be one of the issues addressed during the WBA Capitol Day event held on Jan. 16 in Madison. WBA members are encouraged to attend this free event to help support this important legislative effort.

If you have any questions regarding the ABC Act, please contact WBA President/CEO Rose Oswald Poels at (608) 441-1205 or via email. If you have questions about the WBA Capitol Day, please contact WBA’s Jon Turke via email or 608-441-1215.

H.R. 4424 - link to the legislation
CSTP website
WBA Capitol Day registration