Richard Cordray, the former head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, lashed out at his successor on Wednesday, calling Mick Mulvaney a “squatter.”

Cordray unleashed a battle for leadership of the agency in November when he stepped down and said his chief of staff Leandra English would serve as acting director in his place. Hours later, President Trump appointed Mulvaney, the White House budget director, to the job.

English has sued, arguing that she is the true acting director, but as the case makes it way through the courts, Mulvaney has taken several steps to remake the watchdog agency. In a memo to bureau staffers, Mulvaney pledged this week to tone down the CFPB’s regulatory and enforcement efforts.

The memo has drawn protests from consumer advocates who say Mulvaney is attempting to gut the bureau, which was established to avert a repeat of the 2008 global financial crisis. On Wednesday, Cordray, who is running for Ohio governor, added his criticism.

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