The race for the U.S. Senate seat in Wisconsin will be one of the most watched in the nation during 2018. Overall, 34 U.S. Senate seats are up for election in November. Of those, 24 are held by Democrats, two held by independents who caucus with the Democrats, and eight GOP held seats. To keep their majority, Republicans can only afford to lose no more than one seat.  

Of the 24 seats Democrats hold, 10 are in states that Donald Trump won in the 2016 election. Of the eight GOP seats, only one is in a state Hillary Clinton won (Nevada). While this would normally mean good news for the Republicans, as we saw when the Democrat won the special election in deep-red Alabama, anything can happen.

U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin (D) reported raising more than $2.8 million during the fourth quarter with over $7 million cash on hand.

State Senator Leah Vukimir (R-Brookfield) reported raising $400,000 with $500,000 on hand.

Marine Corps veteran and small business owner Kevin Nicholson (R-Waukesha) raised over $800,000 during the quarter with over $500,000 cash on hand.

To show the level of attention in this race, The Center for Responsive Politics said late last year that there had been more than $3.1 million in outside spending against Baldwin, and around $532,000 against all other Democratic Senate incumbents combined.

The wildcard remaining in the race is if Eric Hovde enters the race on the GOP side. He previously ran for the same office in 2012 and came in second place to former Governor Tommy Thompson.