Governor Scott Walker focused on pocketbook issues and education in his final State of the State address before facing voters in November.

In addition to touting investments in K-12, the ongoing UW tuition freeze, his call to provide stability in health care markets and add new work requirements to the welfare program, he also highlighted the Foxconn deal.

“Today, for the first time in the history of the survey, Wisconsin ranks in the top ten states for business. That’s why global businesses like Haribo and Foxconn are coming to Wisconsin,’’ Walker said in his speech.

Walker announced a $100 per child tax credit that would cost $122 million and be covered by the boost in the state’s surplus for the 2017-19 budget, which is now projected to be $385.2 million. That’s $137.5 million more than previously expected in the fall.

“We are getting positive things done for the people of Wisconsin,’’ Walker said repeatedly in his prepared speech before a joint session of the Legislature at the Capitol.

Walker also drew a contrast with where Wisconsin is now compared to eight years ago before he first took office. That includes an unemployment rate that’s 3%, tied for lowest in Wisconsin history, compared to 9.2% in January 2010.

Walker said going back to those days would be a “giant step backwards.”

Senate Minority Leader Jennifer Shilling (D-La Crosse), dismissed Walker’s calls as a “frantic and desperate” attempt to improve his standing with voters ahead of November.

“This election year enlightenment has shown that he has failed to deliver on his empty promises and his misguided priorities have taken the state in the wrong direction,” Shilling said. “Rather than looking out for Wisconsin families, he is more concerned for his own political future.”

Governor Walker also mentioned his Small Business Agenda. WBA looks to tie our Small Business and Agricultural Loan Tax Exemption idea to this agenda before introduction of the next state budget in 2019.

See a copy of the speech here.

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