Inc. has millennial shoppers nailed down. And their parents. And most of their grandparents.

But one group of potential customers has eluded the world’s biggest Internet retailer.

Teenagers, otherwise known as Generation Z, with their lack of debit and credit cards, their absence of bank accounts and their overwhelming preference for actually putting on clothes and going to physical stores to buy things they could purchase online, pose a big challenge to Amazon.

Amazon’s answer: The internet behemoth is in early discussions with banks including JPMorgan Chase & Co. and Capital One Financial Corp. to create a product similar to checking accounts, according to people familiar with the matter who requested anonymity. Amazon aims to tailor the accounts to appeal especially to youngsters and those who own no plastic in their wallets, the people said.

The move shows Amazon’s recognition that digital accounts for minors potentially lock in lifetime customers before they even leave their parents’ house. Amazon is savvy about its users’ life cycles. It offers new parents discounts on diapers and baby food. It gives college students discounted Amazon Prime memberships, providing free shipping and access to streaming video so young adults will already be Amazon shoppers when they start making more of their own spending decisions.

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