Have you donated to the Alliance of Bankers of Wisconsin Conduit? Thank you so much! Your funds go to pro-banking candidates at the federal, state, and local level. But here's the thing: you need to designate personally where those funds go. Once you sign up for the conduit you should receive regular emails from WBA asking you to donate to certain candidates.

Just because you donated funds does not mean the process is over!

If you are not receiving those emails, please contact me to make sure we have the correct one on file. The emails might also be getting trapped in your spam folder.

If you do not care where your funds go but have already donated to the conduit, you can transfer those funds to Wisbankpac. The PAC is administered by WBA staff and the decision is made internally on where those funds would be best used. 

November is getting closer every day, and candidates that support the industry will need these funds more and more. They do no good sitting in your conduit account, so please be sure to release those over the course of the campaign.

Receiving emails and do not wish to donate to any of the candidates listed? You can always respond with any other candidate you choose. We do have a prohibition on donating to presidential campaigns as the compliance requirements are too great.

Please contact me with any questions at 608-441-1215 or jturke@wisbank.com.