The Marquette University Law School has released their latest poll of Wisconsin today. It is the first poll of 2018 and the latest since June 2017. Expect more polls from Marquette and other organizations as the election year marches on. The questions covered a wide-range of issues including Foxconn, gun control, and races for Supreme Court, Governor, and U.S. Senate.

President Donald Trump's approval rating: 

43% approve, 50% disapprove

Governor Scott Walker approval rating:

47% approve, 47% disapprove

Senator Tammy Baldwin's favorability rating:

37% favorable, 39% unfavorable

Foxconn Benefit the whole state:

38% say it's worth the state's investment, 49% say it won't pay off, 13% don't know

Overall, is Wisconsin headed in the right direction?

53% right direction, 44% wrong direction

Check out the full results of the poll and more questions at MU Law Poll.