Congressional leaders on Wednesday night formally unveiled a mammoth spending bill that would deliver the largest funding boost to federal agencies in years — but with a tight 48-hour margin to pass it.

President Donald Trump, for now, appears grudgingly willing to support the measure, which is likely the last major piece of legislation he will sign before the midterm elections.

Congress must approve the roughly 2,232-page bill by midnight Friday to avert a third shutdown in as many months.

The so-called omnibus bill abandons many of the most controversial provisions lawmakers were trying to include in the must-pass bill — which had painfully stalled the bill’s release for days.

The bill will, however, fix a snafu in the GOP’s tax law — the so-called grain glitch — that farm state lawmakers were seeking. It also includes a narrow gun safety measure and a compromise on a New York infrastructure project that had become a lightning-rod issue with the president.

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