2018 could be a time of change in political control of both Congress and the State Legislature. While the party in power generally loses seats in the midterm elections, recent polling shows that this could be a wave year for Democrats. Your contributions to both Wisbankpac and the Alliance of Bankers of Wisconsin Conduit during the last election cycle helped to elect majorities at the state and federal level that have brought much-needed tax and regulatory relief to our economy.

By now you should have received your 2018 Advocacy Toolkit including informational brochures and an instructional packet to assist you with your advocacy efforts. Advocacy means not only contributing money to campaigns, but also bringing your legislators in to tour your bank and traveling to Madison and Washington, D.C., to spread our message.

While there is great opportunity, policymakers in Madison and Washington, D.C. need to know we continue to have their backs. Elected officials in both parties are, at best, confused at how the industry operates, and at worst, outright hostile to how you help those in your community buy a first house or start a business.

WBA offers several avenues for defending Wisconsin’s banking industry.  Wisbankpac is WBA’s registered political action committee, and it supports candidates from both parties. The Alliance of Bankers Political Conduit is like a personal political bank account from which a banker may direct contributions to the pro-banking candidates of that banker’s choice. The WBA Issue Advocacy Fund allows you to donate corporate dollars to WBA to support third-party advocacy groups.

Can your fellow Wisconsin bankers count on you, your directors and your employees to pitch in your fair share in 2018? 

Whether $10, $100, $1,000 or $10,000, contributions to WBA’s political action funds are investments in the future health and profitability of our industry and your bank. 

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Jon Turke at 608-441-1215

Thank you for your continued support of the WBA.