New tool for bank HR teams and job-seekers

Finding and keeping top talent is high on the list of challenges Wisconsin banks face. We hear over and over from our members about how difficult it is to attract and retain quality employees and that the pool of available candidates has shrunk exponentially over the last decade due to a number of factors, including changing demographics, increasing regulations, and Wisconsin’s historically low unemployment rate. WBA has two solutions for you—use them both, or pick the best fit for your bank! 

WBA Bankers Marketplace 
The association’s in-house classified ad service has been a popular choice for Wisconsin banks for many years. This members-only service allows banks and associate members to post classified ads online and/or in print issues of the Wisconsin Banker at competitive rates. Bankers seeking job opportunities in Wisconsin are also able to submit position wanted ads, and both individuals and institutions have the option of publishing “blind” ads where the posting party is kept confidential and WBA staff forward applications/ responses. In addition, WBA has added a new feature to the Bankers Marketplace with the goal of bringing new talent into the industry: complimentary internship postings! WBA member banks can now post internship openings on the website free of charge. 

The Bankers Marketplace is a fantastic HR solution for banks looking within the state’s borders for their next rising star. If you’re hoping to cast a wider net, however, WBA is pleased to announce a new solution… 

BankTalentHQ is designed as a talent management resource for the financial industry. Brought to you by the WBA in partnership with other state banking associations across the country, BankTalentHQ is the premier talent management site for financial industry careers. BankTalentHQ is a focused, full-service talent management website, built to connect top talent—including candidates who are outside of the industry currently—to your institution. 

The main focus for the website, which WBA members can access via, is the job board, which allows you to post job openings for your institutions, with the ability to purchase a single 30-day post or a discounted posting package to fill multiple vacancies. It also allows internships to be posted at a discounted rate. Ancillary services currently being offered include industry news and articles, resume writing, a career learning center, and coaching. To make the site even more robust and tailored for your institution, additional services like career paths, job summaries, executive recruitment, and outplacement are in development. 

BankTalentHQ markets to ideal candidates outside of the industry to pique their interest in banking careers, the key to driving additional talent into the financial services industry. The intention is to show the full scope of available jobs, from operations and human resources to financial management and marketing. We are in an exciting industry with countless opportunities, and BankTalentHQ will help that excitement resonate with potential candidates, drawing them into the industry. 

To celebrate the launch of this new service, WBA is offering a special discount for classified ads posted on BankTalentHQ: Buy one ad, get the second free! 

Visit to learn more about both programs, and place your classified ad today!