As part of WBA’s ongoing advocacy efforts to facilitate discussions between the banking industry and regulatory agencies, a meeting was held yesterday with a small group of bankers and staff from WBA and OCC. Among the topics discussed were CECL, concentrations of credit, managing interest rate risk, liquidity and funding pressures, inconsistencies in interpretations of regulations between regulatory agencies, and brokered deposits. In attendance were Deputy Comptroller Blake Paulson; Asst. Deputy Comptroller Mark Zeihen; Assoc. Deputy Comptroller Brian James; Shay Horton, Cumberland Federal Bank; James and Jeanene Meisser, Hiawatha National Bank, Hager City; Tom Mews, First National Bank, New Richmond; and Ed Schaefer, First Federal Bank of Wisconsin, Waukesha. Also present were WBA’s Rose Oswald Poels, Daryll Lund, Mike Semmann, and Kris Cleven.