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I was recently talking with a farmer with more than 40 years of experience about the planting status of this year’s crop with the shortened spring and wet field conditions in our area. He simply stated, “some of these guys need to relax and take the time that is given to them. All will get planted, all will grow, and the yields are yet to be determined.” We went on to discuss many things, including the upcoming June Dairy Days and Breakfasts events around the state. He shared how great it is when he and his wife go to one of the breakfasts in our area and see all the people. 

The state of Wisconsin does a nice job a promoting our great Dairy State with these events, but could always use our help to continue to spread the word. The breakfast events are held in numerous counties across the state. As many of you know from first-hand experience, there is an extreme amount of work and preparation that goes into planning and hosting each breakfast. It is certainly a very proud moment for the host farm to showcase their dairy operation; it also provides an excellent opportunity to showcase the dairy industry and agriculture in our great state.

I personally look forward to attending my local county's Breakfast on the Farm and encourage you to do the same in your community. Perhaps you and your bank are already involved in the planning, preparation, and promotion of your local breakfast, but if not, I challenge you to consider getting more involved, or at least buying a ticket and showing up for breakfast! You can find out more information on the various events being held around the state for June Dairy Month online.

For my fellow bankers in the Monroe County area, I look forward to seeing you at breakfast!

Mike Brueggen has served on the WBA Agricultural Bankers Section Board of Directors for the past six years, most recently as our Past Chair. He is a loan officer with Bank of Cashton.