Two Democrat candidates for governor dropped out of the race this week in the wake of the Marquette poll showing low performance for each among the party’s base.

Businessman Andy Gronik of Milwaukee and State Rep. Dana Wachs of Eau Claire dropped out yesterday and today, respectively. Gronik endorsed former State Rep. Kelda Roys of Madison, Wachs endorsed State Superintendent Tony Evers. Wachs and Gronik polled a combined 6% in the poll released Wednesday. Roys won the straw poll at the Democrat Party of Wisconsin state convention but received only 2% of the vote in the latest poll.

This leaves 8 Democrats running the primary on August 14th. Certainly several others could drop out between now and then.

More from the Marquette Poll:

Specific totals for Dem primary: Evers, 25%; Matt Flynn, 7%; Mike McCabe, 7%;  Paul Soglin, 7%; Mahlon Mitchell, 4%; Kathleen Vinehout, 5%; Andy Gronik, 4%; Kelda Roys, 2%; Dana Wachs, 2%; Josh Prade, 1%; others, 1%, don’t know, 34%; refused to answer, 1%.

In possible matchups for governor: Scott Walker 48% to Evers 44%; Walker 46% to Flynn 42%; Walker 46% to Gronik 41%; Walker 44% to McCabe 42%; Walker 45% to Mitchell 41%; Walker 49%, Pade 36%; Walker, 48% to Roys 40%; Walker 48% to Soglin 39%; Walker 48% to Vinehout 39%; Walker 49% to Wachs 38%.

Full results can be found at: