Wisconsin banks will receive letters from the Federal Home Loan Bank of Chicago (FHLBC) soon soliciting bankers for nominations for the 2018 Election of FHLBC Member Directors.

Like last year, there is once again an open seat this year as the current Wisconsin Director, William Sennholz, is retiring from the Board, having served the maximum number of terms for which he is eligible. Given the widespread interest of many bankers in serving on the FHLBC Board, WBA will be creating a candidate platform page on its website where the individuals appearing on the ballot will be given space to post a photo along with a statement on their background and interest in the position.

WBA will provide an optional candidate questionnaire for those individuals to consider responding to which will also be posted to help guide bankers in their decision-making when it is time to vote later this fall. Once the FHLBC ballot is published for the 2018 election in late summer/early fall, WBA will work with those candidates to compile the information for our web page.