Rep. Maxine Waters has made recent headlines more for her outspoken stands against the Trump administration than for her banking policy positions on the House Financial Services Committee.

That could change if Democrats win back the House in November, which would likely result in Waters becoming chair of the panel. Analysts say that perch could give her a bully pulpit to focus on President Trump’s business dealings or more generally criticize the administration.

But some observers say a Waters-led panel could also showcase her broad legislative experience, which might mean a more moderate approach and reaching across the aisle on issues ranging from housing finance reform to updating the Community Reinvestment Act.

“Waters is a veteran legislator who is far more transactional and outcomes-oriented than she gets credit for,” said Brandon Barford, a partner at Beacon Policy Advisors.

To be sure, the rhetoric in a Democratic-controlled House with a Financial Services Committee led by Waters, who is now the panel’s ranking Democrat, would be a sea change from the current GOP leadership.

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