When Maxine Waters was sparking outrage among President Donald Trump's allies by calling for the public shaming of his advisers, one key conservative was quietly courting her: Waters' old adversary, Jeb Hensarling of Texas.

What emerged from their talks over the past few weeks surprised many in Washington: a wide-ranging and broadly bipartisan bill that would ease financial regulations and protect investors. The House passed it this week in a 406-4 vote.

The bill is a milestone for Hensarling and Waters, who have been at odds for nearly six years as the top Republican and top Democrat on the often deeply partisan House Financial Services Committee.

Hensarling, who is retiring from Congress, sought Waters' seal of approval to give his last big legislative effort a fighting chance among wary Senate Democrats. Waters, facing growing questions about how she would chair the committee if Democrats take the House, took advantage of the opportunity to advance proposals by Democrats and fend off some rollbacks sought by Republicans.

Yet even with an overwhelming vote at their backs, the package that Hensarling and Waters crafted faces an uncertain fate in the Senate.

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