In recent years, many of the nation’s largest banks moved away from Federal Housing Administration lending, scared off by the government’s increased use of the False Claims Act as a means to extract massive settlements from FHA lenders.

But it appears that’s all about to change, as FHA Commissioner Brian Montgomery said Tuesday that he believes the Obama administration went too far in some cases and said that the Trump administration is dialing back the use of the False Claims Act to bring more lenders back into FHA lending.

“Bank of America, [JPMorgan] Chase, and others barely offer the FHA product anymore. A lot of folks rely on a branch location. At last count, the largest depositories have more than 15,000 locations,” Montgomery told a group of reporters Tuesday.

“Quite a number of those have a loan officer in them. It just seems odd to me that if you walked into one of those and said we want to talk to you about an FHA loan, they’d tell you that we can’t help you,” Montgomery continued.

And the Trump administration wants to change that and bring more certainty around FHA lending back into the mortgage market, Montgomery said.

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